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SprocketsField Sprockets-Camp Nelson-2013-0526 Lubitel-PX2 Fallen Tree Sprockets-Camp Nelson-2013-0526 Lubitel-PX5 Hollow Tree Sprockets-Camp Nelson-2013-0526 Lubitel-PX4 Field Sprockets-Camp Nelson-2013-0526 Lubitel-PX3

My first successful try at shooting sprockets. Shot in a Lomo Lubitel 166 TLR with Kodak Plus-X. My first stab had the frames overlapping. The next try had too much space in between.

The hardest thing getting used to was trying to shoot horizontals. Because you look down into the top of a TLR, you have to turn it sideways, and stand with your side towards your subject. Next, you have to steady it. Then you have to frame it in the middle because the viewfinder is showing coverage for 120 film. Lastly, you have to scramble your brain because the image is reversed.  On top of all this is the inferior Lubitel viewfinder and focus.