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Lonely Winter Road

Found toy camera loaded with Fujifilm 400 color film (expired). Developed in Diafine.

Found toy camera loaded with Fujifilm 400 color film (expired). Developed in Diafine.

I’ve been logging a lot of miles on the road lately driving across the heart of Kentucky. This is the way I feel after a couple hundred miles.

This is the single best shot from a found preloaded point-and-shoot camera (est. early 1990’s) found in my late aunt’s house. She shot a few pictures of cats (she was a cat woman) laying on things that were uninteresting. So I took the camera and just kept shooting out the truck window.

I peeled off the cardboard cover (Fun Camera! Made in China!) to reveal the plastic carcass. It had black electrical tape all over it, so I removed this and did my best to reduce the sticky residue. After cracking it open in a changing bag, I found that the expired film had been wound up into a film cartridge on the right side. Evidently, when they make these disposable cameras, they load a roll in, crank it all out to the left spool where you would normally place the full cartridge. When you take a picture and advance, it actually is pulled back into the cartridge. Makes sense to me.

I then developed the film in Diafine. The orange mask is pretty thick, probably because there was no bleach step. But my Plustek OpticFilm 7500i scanner did a great job pulling something out. I used Vuescan, which is a decent program for the money, but has a confusing interface and uphill learning curve. Warning: I tried using the infrared cleaning filter with disastrous results. It must not like the dense negative. However, the multi-pass scan mode worked great to bring out faint detail.

I toyed with different effects in Photoshop until I hit upon the blue tint and defocused surroundings. When you drive a lot of miles, it seems you start to only focus on those white lines ahead of you.

Soul Trane

A nicely warped and extremely close-up image of my Trane AC compressor motor. Just spent over $500 having it replaced, so I thought I’d give it some love instead of the hate I was giving it when I wrote the check.

Decided to overlay some rainbow-like radial gradient to make it look tie-dye. Thought about calling it “UFO Fan” or something.

Trying out a newly purchased Canon FTb (new). Already have an FT, the biggest difference being automatic aperture (FD lenses) instead of stop-down metering (FL lenses). Both cameras are very similar otherwise, the little brother to the F-1. Mine came as a very clean model, with everything that worked. After measuring the shutter speeds with a tester, I found only the top speeds are a little sluggish. The plastic counter window has come off and lodged against the counter wheel. So I needed to run a roll through it before I take the top off and try to flush the gears with naphtha and graphite.

Shot with a 17mm Canon on Ilford Delta 100, developed in Perceptol 1+3.

Soul Trane

Please Wait for Dial Tone


Nikon FM2n, Ilford Delta 100, Perceptol 1+3

My still-working 1940 Western Electric telephone.  It was rescued from a trash bin by an associate who threw it away.  We were talking antiques and I happened to mention that I liked old phones.  He went straight home and rescued it just before the trash collectors came.  This model is the historic all-metal one that was the first phone to have all the components in one unit, as opposed to having a separate bell located somewhere else in the house.  I have thrown away dozens of non-working telephones over the years, and this one just keeps working perfectly.  The audio is as crisp as anything new.  I was able to download some historically accurate center dial labels.  I customized mine with the standard telephone exchange name “Crestwood” for 27 (C = 2, R = 7).   It’s great, because there’s an area a few blocks away called Crestwood.  Growing up, I remember telephones still had the prefix “Jefferson-2” (532) on them from my home town.  I guess it’s a little like a URL vs. an IP address today.


Clockworks-2014-0224-NikFM2n-Delta100-Perceptol-20 Show-of-Hands-2014-0224-NikFM2n-Delta100-Perceptol-21

Nikon FM2n, Ilford Delta 100, Perceptol 1+3

My great-grandfather and grandfather’s clock from the late 1800’s.  I used my 55mm f2.8 Mikro-Nikkor on this with available light (plus reflector).  There’s almost too much detail, as you can make out all the dust and lint on the surface!

Fall Subjects


Canon T-90, Kodak Portra 400 Zebra-Winter-2014-0216-CanT90-Portra400-37

Canon T-90, Kodak Portra 400

Lovely bokeh from an f1.4 Canon FD lens wide open.This-Neck-of-the-Woods-UKArb-2014-0216-CanT90-Portra400-31

“This Neck of the Woods” Canon T-90, Kodak Portra 400

Don’t you think this old fallen bur oak looks like the shoulder and neck of a giant monster?

Nature Still, Man Motion. The Quiet War.

Fall-Parking-Garage-2014-0216-CanT90-Portra400-02Like antlers on a wall, we flaunt our victory over nature with decorations.  But things aren’t as they seem.  By all accounts, the tree and bushes seem to be still and frozen in time.  Captive.  Man is in motion, constantly trying to best nature.  But in reality, that tree and those bushes are waging a slow defense against mankind.  That sidewalk may start buckling up from the tree root. Those leaves are falling on the manmade sidewalk.  That grass is trying ever so hard to connect to its brethren on the other side.  These warriors may not win this battle, but they fight the cause.  And man thinks it can outsmart nature.  But man doesn’t have the patience and tenacity that nature has.