Beastie Boys

My daughter’s 200,000+ mile Honda Accord that just keeps going – but not to concerts, it would break down. She has great music taste, we both like Beastie Boys and Michael Jackson.

Trying out a newly purchased Canon FTb (new). Already have an FT, the biggest difference being automatic aperture (FD lenses) instead of stop-down metering (FL lenses). Both cameras are very similar otherwise, the little brother to the F-1. Mine came as a very clean model, with everything that worked. After measuring the shutter speeds with a tester, I found only the top speeds are a little sluggish. The plastic counter window has come off and lodged against the counter wheel. So I needed to run a roll through it before I take the top off and try to flush the gears with naphtha and graphite.

Shot with a 17mm Canon FD lens on Ilford Delta 100, developed in Perceptol 1+3.


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