Please Wait for Dial Tone


Nikon FM2n, Ilford Delta 100, Perceptol 1+3

My still-working 1940 Western Electric telephone.  It was rescued from a trash bin by an associate who threw it away.  We were talking antiques and I happened to mention that I liked old phones.  He went straight home and rescued it just before the trash collectors came.  This model is the historic all-metal one that was the first phone to have all the components in one unit, as opposed to having a separate bell located somewhere else in the house.  I have thrown away dozens of non-working telephones over the years, and this one just keeps working perfectly.  The audio is as crisp as anything new.  I was able to download some historically accurate center dial labels.  I customized mine with the standard telephone exchange name “Crestwood” for 27 (C = 2, R = 7).   It’s great, because there’s an area a few blocks away called Crestwood.  Growing up, I remember telephones still had the prefix “Jefferson-2” (532) on them from my home town.  I guess it’s a little like a URL vs. an IP address today.

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