Fall in the Cemetery

Early-Birds-LexCem-2013-1105-OM4-Portra40012“Early Birds”

This was my favorite picture of the day.Illuminated-Grave-2013-1105-OM4-Portra40027“Illuminated Grave”

5-minutes later, the light was gone.  It’s all about timing.Fall-in-the-Cemetery-LexCem-2013-1105-OM4-Portra40022“Fall in the Cemetery”

I like the mix of fallen pine needles and trees turning.
Garden-of-Peace-LexCem-2013-1105-OM4-Portra40017 “Garden of Peace”

This has been a subject before, but it’s always nice to revisit.  Peaceful.Fall-Field-LexCem-2013-1105-OM4-Portra40008“Fall Field”

I guess this will be full of graves in a decade.

All shots: Olympus OM-4, Kodak Portra 400

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