Late Summer in the Gorge – Running at Full Speed

Rough-Trail-Overlook-RRG-2013-0801-OM4-Portra-400-35 Mushroom-Tree-RRG-2013-0801-OM4-Portra-400-28 Rough-Trail-Overlook-Wide-RRG-2013-0801-OM4-Portra-400-37Red River Gorge, Kentucky

I finally took my dog Daisy on a hike.  It’s been about two months since her surgery for a tumor in her spleen.  The last time I came here, she struggled to hike even a mile.  I thought it was arthritis (which she has), but my vet and his radiologist discovered the tumor.  Evidently it’s common among retrievers.  What’s not common is them being benign, like Daisy’s was.  Like the vet said, “Something else’ll get her.”

Daisy enjoyed her day, even our black bear encounter.  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of that.  I was running away at full blast, trying not to make a liar out of George Carlin: “Here’s something you’ll never see – a man running at full speed while taking a s#!t.”

Olympus OM-4, Kodak Portra 400


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