Sinners’ Entrance

Sinners Entrance-Mt Vernon Baptist Church-2013-01427-CanT90-Ektar-22

This side entrance to a church in rural Kentucky looks like it’s relegated to the unworthy – the roughly painted woodwork, the iron bannisters, the sliver of a window.

This started out in color, but sinners don’t deserve color!

An interesting study in how black-and-white can actually improve a picture. Using the equivalent of color filters with B&W film, Photoshop allows you to use sliders and adjust the amount of red, blue, etc. to apply or take away.  It’s a little backwards from what you would do in the field with real B&W film, but it works.  The most impressive adjustment was the blue slider to reveal the stained glass windows.  The original color version (see below) had a reflection from the storm window.  I tried a circular polarizer when I shot it, but the angle was wrong .  When I was tweaking the colors, I kept thinking that the subject (a messy paint job and blah porch) didn’t deserve the rich red brick.

Sinners Entrance-color-Mt Vernon Baptist Church-2013-01427-CanT90-Ektar-22


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