A Day in a Castle

I recently got the chance to not only see, but work and roam around the inside of The Castle Post, an unusual Central Kentucky landmark outside of Versailles. What started out as a husband’s shrine to his wife, it became one of the most offbeat must-sees of the Bluegrass. Never completed, it sat empty for decades, Daredevil teenagers were the few that saw behind the walls, while the rest of us had to conjure up Arthurian fantasies on what hid inside. After years of refusing offers, the Martin family finally decided to sell. Florida attorney Tom Post, originally from Lexington, bought the castle and completely rebuilt it It is now an upscale hotel with amenities usually found in much larger cities.

My day at the castle was a working day. We were filming a commercial and needed to recreate a set from “The Bachelor.” Since I was running sound and have minimal gear compared to video, I had the chance to roam around and take pictures. I took my little Canon S95 because of its portability and good quality. Film was out of the question because I knew I would only have a few minutes here and there to take snapshots.

I have no idea what the service at Castle Post is like, but the workmanship is superb. The stonework reminded me of Keeneland. Everything had excellent fit and finish. The landscaping was like a polished miniature of the Palace of Versailles. They were definitely going for the medieval look here. Or were they going for Kentucky blue blood? It was a mix, not always successful. There was so much to look at – busy wallpaper, ornate chandeliers, detailed paintings and old prints, and persian rugs. The two themes that seemed to carry throughout were dragons and knights. It bordered between fascinating and gaudy. I got to see one small guest room, and I have to say it was very nice. They seemed to have forgotten the medieval theme and went with very upscale and traditional furnishings. The bigger rooms, from what I saw on the web site, are even nicer.

In the main hall and adjoining recreational rooms, some of the materials they used were modern imitations of classic ones. It would have been nice to have seen a nice rescued 100-year-old floor instead of something that looks like it came from Lumber Liquidators. Don’t get me wrong, it was more than I could afford. But really, when you walk into an “old” castle, it would be nice to be immediately greeted with “old” floors.

Well that’s my informal review of the Castle Post. Despite my nitpicking, it was a very nice place that you could have a lot of fun in. I know I would be first in line to rent out the castle if I was loaded. More curious Kentuckians will inevitably get to see inside, as they are rumored to be building a restaurant.


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