Maple Leaves

The “Orton Effect” is not an episode from Star Trek, but it sounds like it could be a really cool one with cheesy effects and big-brained green aliens.  Instead, it’s an “analog” effect created by Michael Orton in the darkroom.  The simplest version of this is to have one negative of normal exposure/focusing, sandwiched with another negative that’s over-exposed and out of focus.  You can simulate this with a double exposure in-camera as well.  This was admittedly done in Photoshop with an “action,” or a series of Photoshop procedures that are saved in a macro.   It’s a great effect that can save an otherwise run-of-the-mill photo.  I did intentionally de-focus the background leaves during exposure, but it just lacked that dreamy effect I was looking for.

Nikon Fm2n, Fuji 200 (self-developed Digibase C-41)



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