Stangled Tree

I really want this camera, the Konica Auto S2, to be one of my everyday go-to cameras. It’s a Japanese rangefinder from the mid-60’s is the perfect fixed-lens rangefinder. It has the ability to go full manual or auto (shutter priority), with in-viewfinder metering. The metering cell is in the lens casing, so adding filters automatically compensates for light loss. The rangefinder is bright, and is actually easier to focus than SLRs. The lens is a one of the most underrated lenses of all time. It’s in the same league as Carl Zeiss, Schneider, and Leica. The trouble? The damn electronics (meter) is intermittent. I’ve done everything but replace all the wiring. I can certainly meter by hand (or with my nifty iPhone app), but I like my cameras to be fully functional. A rangefinder is all about spontaneity, That’s why a working meter is essential. Oh well, I’ll crack it open again and maybe replace the battery contacts.


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